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Swaddled BabyChild abandonment, a new phenomenon in Kenyan society, is becoming alarmingly rampant and disturbing, especially in Nairobi where the vice has left a real impact: economically, politically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. 

"We say this from experience because of the many challenges that the orphanage is going through day-in-day-out.

Yes, we have witnessed the real problem of child abandonment and its intensity.

But, the innocent children are the real victims of the social distress.
Records held by relevant authorities reveal that the children have been rescued from extremely hash and diverse backgrounds. Some were born and left in maternity-wings as their mothers walked out on them. Others were born and left along sidewalks in plastic bags. Worse still, some were left in strange places, like along riverbanks and in pit-latrines. Still others were dumped into forest thickets and vegetation, where they were left to die.

Holding BabyA case in point that shocked the whole city was that of Baby Cherub who was dumped in the bushes of Dagoretti Corner. Amazingly, God in His immeasurable wonders used a dog to rescue the baby who was rushed to a national hospital where she was left under the care of the doctors and nurses."

Sadly, many of these children will never know who they are or even understand why they were ever abandoned in the first place. Others barely survive; more often than not they succumb to death, for the harsh conditions deny them the chance to survive. 

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